“Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you could achieve every goal you ever set for yourself?”

If you’re like me and everybody else that’s ever had dreams and goals for your life, the answer is probably a resounding


We always start out with the greatest motivation and expectations–for a little while anyway.  And then that excitement of achieving your dreams and goals seems to fizzle out over time.  All of those “little things” in life pop up when you lease expect it, and they slowly choke out that fire of desire you had burning so hot at the start.  And, if you’re like me and every other serious goal setter, sometimes you find yourself months or years later looking back and thinking,

“How did I lose my focus when I wanted to achieve that goal so badly?”

“Why didn’t I stay motivated?  I was so SURE I’d be able to achieve this…”

It’s my desire to share my experiences about setting and achieving goals, what’s worked (and what hasn’t!) in terms of how to stay motivated, and hopefully I’ll hear from you on what you’ve been able to achieve in your goal setting lives!

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